Meandering Michigan Series: Tecumseh

I'm finally getting back to one of my favorite topics, Michigan travel. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to travel around Michigan. My mom and I love to travel to towns and visit our lakes, craft shows, art festivals, artist's guilds, stores, and of course restaurants.

Tecumseh, Michigan
Our most recent trip was to Tecumseh, Michigan. On our first trip we planned to go on Saturday during a festival, but because of the weather, we ended up going on Sunday. Because it was Sunday, not everything was open, so we ended up making a second trip a few weekends later on a Saturday.

Art Trail
While walking around Tecumseh you'll see many interesting art sculptures. This is the Tecumseh Art Trail. There are several brochures around town that list all the sculptures so that you can be sure to catch them all.

Tecumseh Train Station
The historic buildings are another great aspect of Tecumseh. One of the best buildings is the train station. I've include some pictures, but I'd suggest you stop by and see it yourself.

Antiques & Vintage on the Boulevard
For a small town, Tecumseh has a lot to offer the antique scene. My mom is more into antiques than I am, but I do enjoy strolling through some antique stores and Tecumseh has several. Antiques & Vintage on the Boulevard is a great shop that we visited both times. The store has lots of rooms filled with many antiques as well as offering locally made candles, soaps, lotions, and other goodies. The first time we went, I purchased homemade soap and a handmade bag from a local artist. The second time I purchased some candles, and a pair of earrings. This store doesn't have a website, but there is a Facebook page.

The Boulevard Market
Another favorite is the Boulevard Market. This is small, outstanding market where they not only have imported cheese but they also make their own at the Four Corners Creamery. Besides offering wonderful cheeses like Basil Aged Asiago and Piave, they also have meats, homemade truffles, beer, wine and their own chocolate bars, Peppalo Stone Ground Chocolate. I'm honestly not a fan of the the Peppalo Chocolate, it's by far the darkest I've ever had and it's a bit gritty.

British Tea Garden & Rooftop Cafe
The British Tea Garden is a great lunch spot. They offer lunch each day from 11a to 3p. The menu includes soups, salads, sandwiches, quiche, cottage pie and desserts. We didn't have lunch there, but we did have an outstanding berry cheesecake.

In the front of the building they have a gift shop with lots of jams, cookies, chocolates, and other snacks. They have a huge selection of tea and have afternoon tea time is from 3p to 5p. While strolling the gift shop you can purchase china tea pots, cups & saucers and children's tea sets, table linens, aprons, tea towels, night lights, and seasonal decor, They also have scarves, homemade cards, locally made jewelry, and other fun little items and gifts.

Other Stops
What a Find Consign is full of a great finds for the home.

There was also a little shop that two ladies owned and ran with handmade art and gifts. They had jewelry, melted down bottles turned into art pieces, and many other interesting pieces. I can't find the store name or website but they are just down from What a Find Consign.

If you are into quilting, there were at least two stores for quilters. There a couple of hobby and toy stores. There is also a jeweler, a little shop with wine and other specialty foods, and The Daily Grind which has many gifts.

Tecumseh has a wide selection of restaurants from fast food, ice cream, fine dinning, and even has it's own Brewery.

We didn't make it to The Dog House, but we will on our next trip. The Dog House has over 30 different dogs or you can make your own. The dogs are 100% Beef. They also have paninis, salads, wraps, beers, and specialty cupcakes.

We did checkout Basil Brothers. I had a gyro pocket sandwich and my mom had a greek salad. The main attraction is their pizza. We didn't taste any, but it looked great. We did have some homemade breadsticks and those hit the spot.

Even though Tecumseh is small town, it can take several trips to see everything. It's a great local Michigan stop!

Here is a little PDF that lists everything you'll want to see:

More to come from the mind of ...


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