I'm that girl, please don't spit in my food

So, I'm that girl. When I order off the menu, it's pretty common for me to ask for changes from how the food is prepared.

My husband hates going to drive thru restaurants with me and especially hates going to get food for me. For the longest time, he was sure I worked at Taco Bell in high school or something. He couldn't believe I knew the name of the sauces they used on their food. I always asked for extra red sauce, no pico. It's rare that I eat at Taco Bell these days, I'm more of a Chipolte girl, but I know that pico is now called fiesta. I just pay attention when I ask to have something added or removed and usually remember what they call it.

Recently, while staying at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa I ate at Armani's. The waiter let us know that if we wanted something prepared differently or any changes to an entree, just let him know. I was like, well, he opened the door. I only requested one change, spinach instead of eggplant in my pasta. It was an excellent choice. Everything we had there was phenomenal. The other restaurant, 1823 Kitchen and Bar, was phenomenal as well!

People always say, "you know they are spitting in your food, right?" I really hope not. I just know what I like and what I want.

More to come from the mind of...