Michigan Pasty

The Pasty, often called a Handheld Meat Pie, is a famous Michigan Meal. The pasty made it's way to the Michigan Upper Peninsula through Cornwall England in the 1800's. The pies were a way for miners to have a hearty portable lunch. There is not a clear understanding of when the pie was officially created. 

Today, pasty's continue to be prevalent in the Upper Peninsula and you can find them in many locations in the Lower Peninsula as well. This weekend, the U.P. Pasties Company from Plymouth, Michigan had a very popular booth at the Buy Michigan Now Festival in Northville, Michigan. If you are in the Plymouth area you can stop by the U.P.Pasties & The Plymouth General Store, for a tasty and hearty pasty.

If you are looking for a recipe to make a pasty on your own, see the link below for a recent recipe featured on The Cooking Channel


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