Meandering Michigan Series: The General Store, Downtown Hastings

Although I have been to Hastings when I was younger, it has been a very long time and I had never really spent much time downtown. I have to say, I was very surprised at how much the downtown had to offer for shopping and restaurants. My mother and I spent a warm Saturday in December tooling around town and doing some holiday shopping.

The General Store South Jefferson Street
What turned out to be my favorite stop, The General Store, was a big surprise. At first, we thought it was a hardware until I spotted a bunch of greeting cards through the window. This store had a little bit of everything. This store has a large selection of locally made products.

The front of the store was loaded with toys and games. Although I didn't have any kids to buy toys for, games are a favorite in our house, so I did spend some time. I found many games that I had never seen. The store also had candy, snacks, books, soaps, lotions, and a large selection of cards. Their Facebook says that they have largest greeting card selection in Barry County, I believe it. There is a section of the store with gifts and home items like picture frames, and candles

There are also shirts, jewelry, scarves, bags, and purses. We were very impressed with vegan purses designed by a Michigan State Graduate, Jenna Kator. Each of her purses are named after a Michigan City. Jenna's line include a variety of sizes of purses, wallets, and wristlets. Jenna is also a supporter of Philanthropy through the Handbags of Hope program. 100% of the proceeds for the Philanthropy Tawas Point Handbag goes to Handbags of Hope.

We also found some fun bags that were made by a local women in Hastings and they were only $10.

In the specialty food and kitchen section, I was introduced to Mrs. Meyers. My mom was familiar with the products but I wasn't. Mrs. Meyers products are made with essential oils and organic ingredients. My favorite scents are lavender and watermelon. Since this trip, I have started using the air fresher, multipurpose cleaning spray, hand soap, and dishwasher tabs.

Other notable locally brands/made products: Cherry Republic, Coyer Candle Co. handmade soy candles and air fresheners, hand-made wooden bowls by JM Woodworking, Jewelry by Lake Effects Studios, Detroit Coaster Company, Heritage Beard Company, Gee Dee Bee's Honey by Maple Leaf Farm, handmade wooden kitchen utensils from Clarksville, Michigan, Cellar Door Soap, books by local authors, University of Michigan and Michigan State items, and lots of products promoting Michigan.

The prices in the store were very reasonable and to our surprise, everything in the store turned out to be 10% off that day. Bonus!! Looking at their Facebook page, it appears that often have sales, especially around the holidays.

Keep an eye out for more on Downtown Hastings including shopping and restaurants in my Meandering Michigan Series!

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