Personalized hair color and great products delivered to a girl’s door

I’ve been coloring my own hair for a very long time. It’s not something I necessarily enjoy, but I do all-over color and it’s not very difficult, so it’s not a service I feel I need to pay for. I’ve been using the same color for quite some time, until recently. While scrolling through Facebook one day, I read a review for eSalon. eSalon offers personalized hair color that you order online and have shipped to your door. Allure Magazine recognized eSalon with the 2014 Best of Beauty award.

eSalon offers not only custom color, but also shampoo, conditioner, color touch-up and enhancing products, as well as styling products and tools. You can order products as needed or through an auto-delivery subscription service. The subscription service is great. For first time subscribers, there is a significantly discounted rate. Once you join, you can skip shipments, adjust shipment dates, or cancel at any time. It’s all very easy to manage. I’m always leery when you are asked to sign up and is says you can cancel at any time. It always seems that you end up having trouble canceling, end up with extra fees, or pay a lot more than you planned. There’s no gimmick here, it’s really very simple.

Custom Color
To select your custom color, you start with a survey about you and your hair. You then move to picking the color you are looking for. The options are much more than I expected. You can really mix to get hues that go past your basic blonde, brown, red, and back. The palette is quite extensive including coppers, golds, rich auburns, and violets just to name a few.

Once you’ve chosen your color, you can free-form type information for your expert colorist that is going to mix your color. The colorists profiles and pictures are listed on the website. You can also upload pictures before and after your coloring. Once you’ve used the product, they ask you to go back online and let them know if you like it or not. You can also request changes for next time. Maybe it was too dark, too light, too copper, not enough gray coverage? Just let them know and they will adjust before they send the next delivery.

Your package comes in a very nice, personalized box. It includes color, developer, a single use packet of  sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner,  2 pairs of non-latex gloves, applicator brush, stain guard, stain remover, an personalized directions. The standard price is $19.95, however if you use my referral link below, you’ll receive $10.00 off your first order. Shipping is $4.95.

If you are looking for more shine, you can add in the Color Enhancing Gloss, also “Made for You.” This is an accompaniment to the color that you add to your hair shortly after you’ve started your coloring process.

After my first color, I asked for an adjustment and it was very clear on the next shipment that they made the adjustment as requested. I like the gloss. It seems to add quite of bit of shine and my hair seems to really reflect light. My hair is very shiny anyway. I’ve used it both times, however, for my next color, I’m going to try it without it. I'm thinking it might be something I use with every other color.

Tinted Love and Devoted to Hue
I’m loving two products that are used for Color Enhancing, Tinted Love Treatment and Devoted to Hue Mask. These products help extend and enhance your color. Tinted Love is a treatment that you use between shampooing and conditioning. You leave it on for 2-3 minutes. Devoted to Hue is used as replacement to your conditioner. You leave it on for 10 minutes. You can use them together or separately and they really add shine and enhance your color. I think that these products could potentially eliminate the need for the gloss, or the need to use the gloss each time.

I have a powdered root cover that I love, so I have not tried eSalon’s Color Kiss. Color Kiss is a temporary root touch-up. It the style that come in a tube with a small brush like mascara. It has good reviews on the site.

The Match-Up
If you like the additional products that eSalon sells, The Match-Up is the way to go, it can save you up to 45%. It’s an auto-delivery subscription service for the products. You select three products for $30 and the products are delivered at the frequency you select. Again, you can adjust at any time. You can swap in and out products; you can delay, skip, or cancel.

I’ve used the Heart Lock It Color Safe Shampoo and the Love Unconditionally Color Safe Conditioner and like both products. I'm going to try the Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner next time. I’ve also used the Get Lifted Root Lift Spray. You can see my review of this product here: Turn up the volume ... a girl's suggestions for thicker, fuller hair!

With the busy world that we live in, convenience can be so important. How can I save time without spending a ton of money? eSalon is here to help with that. These are great products, for good prices, that come right to your door … my favorite … our mailman loves us!

More to come from the mind of …