Michigan Girl's Le-Vel Thrive four day trial (Day 2)

I'm on the second day of my 4 day trial of the Le-Vel Thrive program. As I started day two, I realized that the four day trial falls a little short. The trial has four patches, but only two shakes. There are two packets of the supplements with two pills each. The standard dose would be two pills a day, you can take one a day though and make it stretch over the 4 day period.  It seems like this might not be a true test if you do this.

I did not see much of an increase in energy today. I did notice that I seemed to be a little less hungry than usual. I have not had any adverse reactions either. I did forget to check my weight on Monday when I started to see if there is any change in my weight over the 4 days, but I wasn't expecting a change there. I was expecting more of any increase in energy and overall more healthy feeling.

I should note that I'm trying the Premium Lifestyle DFT Patch, the new DFT Black Label patch was not available in the test. Le-Vel also offers a Ultra Patch.

I do like the ingredients that these products offer, but I'm not yet seeing much results. Check back for Day 3 results.

Here is a link to the Le-Vel website for more information:

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