Loving this warm Michigan November

Clearly October was a busy month for me. I've had plenty to blog about, but unfortunately, not enough time to blog. I think November could be just as packed, but I'm going to put that extra effort in to get some blogging done.

I'm not sure how the weather is outside of Michigan this month, but we are really enjoying this warm weather with record setting high temperatures! I didn't get to make it out and about in Michigan this summer as normal, so it's great to have fall weather that's pleasant enough to travel and shop without tracking through snow. Not to mention all the beautiful fall colors on the trees and in the sky.

I'm looking forward to sharing my recent visit to Lake Odessa as well as my upcoming visits to St. Joseph, Hastings, and Holly Michigan. I've also got some great new recipes and organic products to share!

More to come from the mind of ...

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